Aronofsky drops out of Wolverine


I Think we all know the real reason behind this.

Hugh Jackman makes a perfect white wolverine, but his black wolverine is not quite there, unfortunately.

This is both absurd and entirely true.

Jackman has always been woefully miscast as Wolverine, so much so that it basically killed the central narrative arc of the entire X-Man franchise.  He’s too tall, to handsome and far too much the leading man to ever play the black Wolverine.  

Essentially, the folks making the X-Men films took Han Solo and tried to make him Luke Skywalker, emasculating the Cyclops character in the process and destroying what should have been one of the key relationship in the series, that of Scott Summers and Jean Grey.  

Hell they even killed off Cyclops, the central character in the entire X-Men mythology, partly as message sent to James Marsden for joining the rival Superman Returns film and partly because their neutered version of Cyclops had nothing interesting to do in the first place.

See, what they didn’t understand is that Wolverine’s relationship with Jean Grey isn’t special. He’s like that with EVERY strong, unavailable woman he meets.  For forty years there’s this pattern (Heather Hudson, anyone?). He also picks up surrogate daughters like you pick out gum.

But that’s the black Wolverine who constantly pulls these women and girls into his vortex of pain, chaos and violence out of a desperate need for attachment and a misguided desire to protect them. Of course the best protection would be to run away screaming.

Ladies who hang with Wolverine tend to meet a bad end.

My pick for Wolverine was always someone like Harvey Keitel circa The Piano or Bad Lieutenant, a charismatic actor with a compelling and masculine presence but someone that women would be just as likely to shy away from as be attracted to:

Harvey Keitel, The Piano

Sadly, not to be.  

One day maybe they’ll get it right but with Jackman in the role, as much as I like the guy, the dynamics of a Wolverine film are always going to be skewed and the nature of the character perverted into something he was never meant to be - the leading man.

Wolverine is a modern day Frankenstein’s monster, his body and life unnaturally pieced together.  He is forever seeking love, acceptance and a permanence that he will never have. While Wolverine can never achieve these things, he is always seeking, sometimes running from one attempt to the next, leaving destruction in his wake.

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