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Lots of fancy SPX 2013 art coming soon, but here’s an item I can go ahead and sneak out to you guys (even if I can’t yet show you all the names that will be on it) — Peter Bagge’s flyer art promoting SPX 2013.

Peter will be joining us as a special guest alongside folks like: Lisa Hanawalt, Seth, Gary Panter, Raina Telgemeier, Jeff Smith, Frank Santoro, Gene Yang, Michael Kupperman, Ed Piskor, Rutu Modan, Congressman John Lewis and they’ll be accompanied by more than 500 other creators and publishers who’ll be exhibiting their work at SPX 2013.

If you haven’t already made your plans to hit the DC area for SPX in mid-September, now’s the time. This is going to be the biggest SPX ever and the largest collection of independent comics creators ever in the U.S.

Make the time, make the trip! You and 3 or 4,000 of your new best friends won’t regret it.

SPX travel and hotel info is available here.

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    Just in case you guys missed Peter Bagge’s flyer for SPX 2013 when we snuck it out on Sunday. Please make a point to...
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    Shamrock Squid is going to SPX! (And so is Peter Bagge.)
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